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domingo, 17 de março de 2013

Playlist Rock 1.1


19, "A voice in the dark", "Blind guardian"
20, "Hotel calafornia", "Eagles"
21, "Sweet child of mine", "Guns N' roses"
22, "Double talkin jive", "Guns N' roses"
23, "Mr. Brownstone", "Guns N'roses"
24, "Rocket queen", "Guns N' roses"
25, "Welcome to the jungle", Guns N' roses"
26, "Fear of the dark", "Iron maidem"
49, "Wasting love", "Iron maidem"
50, "Carry on my wayward son", "Kansas"
69, "Come as you are", "Nirvana"
70, "Otherside", "Red hot chilli peppers"
71, "Rock you like a hurricane", "Scorpions"
72, "Duality", "Slipknot"
73, "Before i forget", "Slipknot"
74, "Chop suey", "System of a down"
75, "Radio video", "System of a down"
76, "Stealing society", "System of a down"
77, "Dreams", "Van halen"

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